X8X licence token

Your access to the benefits of financial technology.

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Token is used as a key to access services of issuing or exchanging the X8C at the Issuer.


There will be only 100.000.000 X8X licence tokens in existence.


X8X holders will be able to obtain their own X8C and distribute this right to others on Online Exchanges.


The X8X Token is issued by a Swiss-based company, approved by the Swiss Regulatory Authorities.

What is X8X?

X8X is a reusable and permanent license that gives access to full benefits of X8C value preservation tokens. X8X allows the user to enjoy 0% fees when using these digital currencies. Additionally, X8X is used to unlock extra benefits of all other X8’s Fintech products.

Gives access to zero fee for X8C entry and exit

License is permanent and reusable

License can be bought and sold in the free market

Reduced correlation against Bitcoin and Ethereum

Opportunity! Our product sales make X8X scarcer

Interested in knowing more? Download the document to learn about our vision we have for this unique token and its future potential.

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