How safe are your Crypto Assets? Do you have a proper exit strategy to avoid potential losses? X8 project developed a double token model for preservation of your value.

Remember the Dot-Com and USA Housing Bubbles? When you notice investors with little to no trading skills buying an asset, not for its fundamental value, but only because they plan to (quickly) sell it later, at a much higher price, you are probably looking at an investment bubble in progress. Sounds familiar? Similar patterns can be observed on current Crypto markets, that show a great similarity to overheated economies from the past.

What does it mean for your crypto investments? If you are a Bitcoin, Ether or some Coin/Token holder, you are probably well aware of their volatility — the value of your crypto-portfolio can change rapidly. When the markets start to crash, the most straightforward exit strategy is a conversion of your crypto assets to fiat currency (USD, EUR) on some Online Exchange. The X8 Project is proposing an alternative, a conversion to the X8Currency Token, the closest thing to fiat on the crypto market.

X8Currency is not only representing one fiat currency at a 1:1 exchange ratio, but is composed of and 100% backed with 8 fiat currencies and physical gold. X8C is exchangeable for each of the 8 fiat currencies directly at the issuer, X8 AG, a Swiss based company that safeguard all backing assets under the supervision of Swiss regulators. Fiat assets and gold funds are actively managed by Automatic Reserve Management, a proven and tested software designed to minimize risk and to preserve value.

What does it means for you? Converting to X8Currency gives you:

stability of value due to dispersion of backing fiat assets,

security as X8C Tokens are exchangeable on demand to any of 8 fiat currencies at the issuer and

portability, as X8C Tokens will be tradeable on Online Exchanges and easily transacted from one Exchange to another. You can build your own fiat exit for the Exchanges, that do not offer fiat conversions or withdrawals,

liquidity, as all the underlying assets are 100% convertible.

X8Currency minting and conversion to fiat at the issuer will only be available to holders of the utility token X8X, which acts as a ticket for X8 AG services. X8X Tokens will be available on a crowdsale, enabling owners to convert their crypto assets and fiat to X8Currency and back without fees.

David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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