Dear X8 project followers and supporters,

After lengthy coordination about how KYC can be arranged for every supporters’ country, we decided to establish a separate procedure for countries that are not on our KYC provider’s list. 

The existing procedure stays the same for contributors from countries that are on the original list. (ALL THE COUNTRIES IN THE ATTACHED LINK + JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, BRAZIL, KAZAKHSTAN). Please use and follow the existing instructions and troubleshooting link.


The new procedure for all the new countries will not include a video verification. More than 150 countries are added. All verifications will be performed by a manual check. This can be described as a lighter version of the KYC.

The lighter version of the KYC procedure without the video verification has a compliance level, which only allows subscription of smaller amounts, yet with that configuration it at the same time ensures that the X8 project is fully in line with all existing rules and regulations. This addition means that every contributor from every country will have a chance to take a part in the X8 project TGE!


Many members of our community expressed strong opinions that in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies there shall be no distinction and that a fair opportunity for everybody shall be enabled. We completely agree with these views. Nevertheless, exactly the same equal treatment cannot be provided because of various legal reasons and requirements.


Light KYC specifications:

  • User will be able to select their country from the TIER 1 list of countries
  • Maximum contribution for TIER 1 KYC will be 1ETH or 0.05BTC
  • Members from every country can participate (except China, South Korea and United States of America)
  • Users for TIER 1 KYC will enter the same procedure using our login page. After choosing a country the procedure will guide them to the document upload section, where users will upload their documents.


Light KYC document requirements:

  • A copy of a valid passport
  • A photo of the owner, holding and showing himself or herself together with their passport (Picture on the passport and the face of the owner must be recognizable and in focus)
  • Proof of residency (Utility bill / phone bill / electricity bill / bank statement. May be required and requested after the documents will be checked. Applications with proof of residency will have priority)
  • FORM A and FORM 1A (Both forms shall be completed with all the fields filled in (Including the purpose of cooperation)


In light of all the developments we hope the community appreciates the increase in our efforts so that everybody will have the best chance to join the X8 family.

US citizens can go through regular WebID video call procedure, but will not be able to contribute unless they are accredited or professional investors. We intend to provide an option of contribution to every US citizens ASAP and will reserve a certain amount of tokens for them. Announcement with further details on this will be made shortly.

We kindly invite you to become one of our members and complete your KYC.





Gregor Kozelj

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