From the very beginning of 2017 the X8 project team has been developing the X8currency solution in various areas. At the core of our business is fintech, focused on the ioNectar platform product production. Operating an automated technology for multi-broker structures is a part of our everyday activity. We already do it, we are expanding it continuously, but, most importantly, we would like to do it on blockchain as well.

X8currency does this, and it is an example of how we can apply our system and add a new valuable product to the market. During this year we received a lot of feedback from the crypto community as well. By working with Cofound.it on the project, we were given the opportunity to gain insight on many matters revolving around blockchain, what the elements and components of the market are and how to utilize the possibilities that blockchain offers with new business models.

A good month ago, after the 12th September TGE (token generation event) date had been postponed due to news from the SEC, we looked again at our possibilities of how to deliver the product to the market with the maximum level of compliance within all the rules and regulations. Another important thing for us is that we can bring the product to the market quickly with our technology. We firmly believe that X8currency is something that the market actually needs now. Therefore, the plan was to focus on these two areas and connect the necessary links to reach the goal.

As a result, key points of the plan are:

  • The establishment of the X8 Capital AG, Zug,
  • Implementation of the account structure that can work as the infrastructure for the X8currency operations (bank account, broker account, cryptocurrency exchange account),
  • Technical connections between the X8C smart contract, accounts and the automatic reserves management technology.

Our experience has taught us that this is the best way towards the TGE. It can also result in the best effect for our project supporters and the project itself. Successful execution of the points above brings X8currency directly to the front door of the crypto market, ready to enter. That is also good for the market, which needs it.

We see that as one of the most important things for our fintech and for the way that we develop the vision of our core business. We want our fintech to reach optimum potential in what it is already doing and we want to bring the benefits of our solutions to the blockchain as well. We are inviting supporters who share this vision with us and cooperate with us in various areas.

Gregor Kozelj

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