As promised we are now ready with an updated roadmap which will take us as close to completion as it is possible to foresee. If this has taken longer than anticipated, it is simply for the reason that we wish to be as detailed as possible and now we are very pleased to be in that position.

If we start with a quick recap of what has gone before we can remind you all of the main achievements in 2017 which included the following:

  • acquisition of our Swiss company structure which permits to operate in the Swiss legal and financial space (fintech and asset management companies)
  • launch of KYC for the TGE

Then we arrived in 2018 with some pretty big steps:

  • successful completion of the TGE
  • B2B corporate exchange account at Bitstamp


Let’s look at what is being achieved right now:

  • Confirmation of platform architecture
  • Upgrading of the ioNectar AI infrastructure with a highly professional and experienced cooperation partner in terms of hardware configuration, network configuration, security and availability
  • ioNectar cluster upgrade to enhance connections to brokerages and exchanges – upgraded options offering enhanced client experience
  • The first ever full integration of the entire ecosystem of EU-regulated Bitstamp from Swiss-regulated fintech – connecting the entire Bitstamp market to our cluster structure with interbank FX protocol


The next milestones to look forward to will occur in September:

  • Integration with FX brokers – currently CFH and Squared Financials with further options to be decided from Switzerland


In October we will see the following:

  • Launch of asset management services and crypto asset management services incorporating cluster and brokers together online – revenue generating activities
  • X8Currency website (user portal) shows LIVE X8X chart & ready to show LIVE X8C chart when ALPHA goes live


November is a key month with some good stuff to look forward to:

  • X8C Alpha – the LIVE X8C prototype.
  • Confirmation and integration of crypto payment processor
  • Execution of Crypto Volatility Index –charting volatility of top 4-5 cryptocurrencies


December will see one final but critical detail:

  • Finalisation and release of X8C smart contract with official audit


That is 2018 taken care of but we have such a great deal to anticipate in 2019:

Q1 2019

  • X8C Crypto – ETH and BTC conversion to X8C and vice versa – X8C becomes practical and usable to all participants
  • X8C user portal “dashboard” – portfolio overview and buy/sell X8C
  • KYC integration


Q3 2019

  • X8C FIAT – EUR and USD account deposit conversion to X8C and vice versa


Y 2019

  • Gold storage activation

We are extremely grateful for your immense patience over the past months, but we believe that we have now addressed the key areas which will guarantee the successful execution of the entire X8Currency project.

Gregor Kozelj

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