Issues of financial stability and value preservation have always been the main interest of the X8 project. We followed the developments of stable tokens and shared our own insights and analysis in 2017 and 2018. Now we are pleased to announce that the X8 platform is about to provide a new feature that will enable systematic insight into stable token markets to all interested parties.

We are presenting a unique dashboard of dynamic stable token analysis. It was created by the X8 team’s financial experts with in-depth understanding of stability’s impact on business and broader economic environment. It provides an unbiased view of the environment, which also concerns monetary affairs.

The dashboard will present visitors with a comprehensive overview of the stable token markets, including pie charts and historic charts of the entire field. This content will also support reports, weekly updates or articles about this topic, thereby providing an excellent frame of reference for individuals requiring up-to-date information about these markets. X8 Project thus invites you to monitor daily developments of the stable tokens’ market segment.

The following regularly refreshed elements will be available:

  • Stable Tokens Market Cap Share pie chart
  • Stable Tokens Market Cap Volume pie chart
  • Volume / Market Cap Non-Stable Tokens line chart
  • Volume / Market Cap Stable Tokens line chart
  • Relative Volume Factor for Stable Tokens line chart



After the flood of new tokens in 2017 that mainly hoped to repeat the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum by presenting new concepts of tokenization through ICOs.  In 2018 it became clear that the quest for stability and safe haven on blockchain is in full swing as the boom markets of the previous year were replaced by a steady bearish trend. Some analysts have proposed that 2019 will be the year of the stable coin and we feel that the next big story on blockchain besides fintech integration will indeed be the development of relationship between unstable and stable tokens. This historically relevant strategic trend will be followed and summarized on our X8 dashboard.

Blockchain is the most likely candidate for the next big step in humanity’s monetary affairs. With its in-built safety valves and democratic oversight, it is the most appropriate technology for facilitating an advancement in our use of money. When blockchain is able to incorporate the three functions of currencies: unit of account, means of exchange and store of value, it will bring about a new payment instrument of a truly revolutionary grade. This is why tracking these developments now, in their infancy, will provide valuable insights not only to investors, but also to business people, scholars and enthusiasts now and in the future.



The new X8 dashboard will offer the best analytical and retrospective tool providing an oversight of the path toward a new stable form of money. At the same time, it will be tracking the development of the two branches of cryptocurrencies: the speculative and the unspeculative. In this respect the dashboard is a tool for measuring the public interest and adoption of this key and critical area, which might be necessary for broader adoption of blockchain by participants in the world-wide economy. It is the first resource of this kind for people with serious interest in value preservation who are following this sector from the early stages.

The coming X8 products, X8Dollar and X8Currency will also be included in the analysis and their status reflected in the dashboard.

We invite you to use this tool provided by X8 and join us in the observation of this developing trend with sincere hope that you will be able to gain information that will make it easier for you to make investment decisions regarding this market segment. We shall observe the changing relationship between mainstream tokens and the stable ones, and see if there is a possibility that the latter become mainstream at some point in the future.

X8 team is excited to learn what kind of conclusions we will be able to draw from these observations as insights will certainly be provided that are at this time not yet obvious in this swiftly developing industry.


David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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