After a successful completion of the institutional onboarding process, we are very delighted to inform our community that Swiss X8 AG’s sister company Alpine Asset Management AG opened an institutional account with Tier1FX. This  very positive news is another step forward for the project, which continues to expand its infrastructure as concerns the company’s asset management services launched earlier this month.



It may come as a surprise for some investors focusing only on crypto market developments, but the demand for traditional asset management is also present and still strong. In the current environment where deposits in the banks produce very minimal returns for savers, or even cost money due to negative interest rates (like in Switzerland), it is not surprising that the investors do not have anymore a strong incentive to keep their wealth on their accounts in the banks.

Safety is the main factor driving traditional investors decisions however, and this is the reason why with our Risk Portfolio Management AI based Technology, IoNectar, we can provide such investors with an ultra-safe investment strategy. With our sister company Alpine Asset Management AG, we are also aiming at expanding our services to conservative and risk adverse traditional clients.



Alpine Asset Management AG is further strengthening its ability to help the investors solve this problem. The accounts that the company will be able to manage for traditional investors with Tier1FX are fully segregated. This means that they are protected against any hypothetical situation of default of the broker. Each investor receives a dedicated IBAN account where the cash assets are kept and where they can be monitored at any time.

This reminds one of the traditional bank account concept, but is much more active since the deposited cash assets are also permanently managed by Alpine Asset Management capital preservation programs. In this segment, the Swiss regulated company focuses on offering steady performance with low risk levels.



Tier1FX also offers FIX Protocol connectivity. This will allow our Fintech technology to do the automatic work on the said accounts. The clients that will use this traditional asset management service will only need to select their target return preference along with investment risk and duration profiles, while the AI based technology will implement the choice of investment policy and operate daily investment activities with minimal or none human intervention.

The company establishes a clear-cut alternative to bank deposits with this approach, which offers similar level of protection for the savers and the investors, but with more flexibility. The range of performance levels also allows more choices for clients than the old bank deposit product because everyone can tailor his or her performance target to the specific individual needs.



Due to compatible technologies and protocols used by both sides, the project will be able to implement the services of Tier1FX also in the ioNectar professional portfolio risk management platform, another product developed by the project. This will further satisfy sophisticated users, like professional traders and portfolio managers, who wish to find a selection of high-quality alternatives when looking for multi-broker trading functionality from one platform.


Best wishes,


X8 team

Gregor Kozelj

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