How much better off would you be financially if your savings could fight inflation? This is just one of the questions that drove the X8 project to design a new generation of fintech products.

If you are an individual looking for a safe haven to place your savings or if you are an overworked asset manager facing uncertain times working for returns, X8 products are designed to help your current situation.

Discover the efficiency and frictionless operating of X8 proprietary AI managing your wealth with no possibility of human error and 24/7 presence on the market.

Would you like to secure your wealth to preserve value with very low risks? Or would you rather target some return and still get paid well for the risk accepted?

Unprecedented economy environment of negative interest rates and large volatility create difficulty for savers, who cannot benefit anymore from their past saving activity as they could previously. Our products give you the edge you need to solve these problems and stay in control without exposing yourself to speculation.

Furthermore, the world is moving forward and the digital age is advancing. Whether you are interested in traditional asset management or the new volatile crypto markets, our AI is available to serve your preferences regardless of which market you are looking at!

If you feel that a prudent approach is to include both, the traditional and the digital investment portfolio at the same time, you can select a mixed package by combining crypto and traditional assets from our Global Diversified Portfolio.

For the most demanding investors, who want the most freedom in creating any type of custom portfolios, we even offer access to our risk management platform, which gives you the ultimate control over all risk parameters. There is a solution for almost every choice or decision you may have.

Our wealth management products are embedded in Swiss financial ecosystem.

Check the products below to find the most suitable one for you. Contact us and we will guide you through all the steps and answer any questions you might have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

X8 team


X8 project covers all fintech products based on proprietary AI developed by X8 AG.

What we offer:

Value preservation digital currencies. (Not to be confused with stable tokens).


  • Liquid by being 100% backed by cash and gold
  • Backed by an active basket fighting inflation 24/7
  • AI-managed basket without human intervention
  • No possibility of human error
  • Independent of any individual currency’s movement
  • Convertible into any of the world’s 8 top currencies
  • State-of-the-art reserve security in the Swiss financial ecosystem
  • Ultimate value preservation and resilience against market shocks
  • The first true global store of value of its kind in the world


X8 Dollar, X8 Euro, X8 Swiss Franc, X8 Pound, X8 Canadian Dollar, X8 Australian Dollar, X8 Yen, X8 New Zealand Dollar and X8 Gold

Each of these 9 value preservation currencies is an AI-enhanced version of the fiat currency it is named after.


  • Liquid by being 100% backed by a deposit in a given fiat currency
  • Backed by an active basket fighting inflation 24/7
  • Alternative way of avoiding negative currency interest rates
  • AI-managed basket without human intervention
  • No possibility of human error
  • Improved value over fixed deposits in a given currency
  • In advantage when the given fiat currency trades higher
  • State-of-the-art reserve security in the Swiss financial ecosystem


 X8X  your permanent and reusable licence to the full benefits of the X8 products

By obtaining an X8X license you can use any of the products with extra benefits. License becomes more valuable when more customers buy any of our products, improving its long-term potential.


  • Lifetime access to zero fee for X8 value preservation currencies entry and exit
  • Limited issue of only 100.000.000 in existence
  • Can be bought and sold on free market
  • Reduced correlation against Bitcoin and major altcoins
  • Entitles holder to 33% discount on our asset management services
  • Enables free transition between asset management services/packages
  • Reduces ioNectar trading fees by 50%
  • Reduces minimum required deposit at ioNectar platform
  • Unlocks automatic trading on X8 digital currencies at ioNectar platform
  • Unlocks automatic asset management at ioNectar platform


Asset management (Alpine Asset Management AG)


All asset management is performed by X8’s AI with no human intervention and operates 24/7 in the markets.


Traditional asset management

CSI – Cash Stability Index

  • Diversification of assets through the most liquid and stable currencies
  • Systematically targets the most stable performance curve of any assets
  • Client is able to select the level of risk ranging from low to medium
  • Client holds his or her own account with the broker of choice


Digital asset management

New markets Investments

  • Generates dynamic returns through volatility of the crypto markets
  • Assets allocated among BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and BCH
  • Full on-spot convertibility into fiat on a regulated exchange
  • Long-term investment, which simplifies and actively manages crypto


Custom products

Global Diversified Portfolio

  • Adjustable allocation between low, balanced and high risk
  • Safety of the most liquid instruments combined with return generation opportunity
  • Capable of combining traditional and digital markets
  • Answer to custom requests and special investors requirements

  ioNectar – Trading platform for professional portfolio risk management

               AI-based portfolio risk management for professionals


  • Real-time control over 75 dimensions of risk
  • Customizable to meet the preferences of all types of investors
  • Unprecedented flexibility and adaptation available to asset managers
  • Delivers the highest working output to manager input effort ratio
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David Prezelj

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