X8 AG mandates Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd and Listing Partners Sarl to deliver X8 AG to capital markets

Swiss based X8 AG has selected Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd & Listing Partners Sarl exclusively as financial advisors in connection with the listing of the company and the pre-listing offering of common shares.

Antevorta has accepted the appointment of the listing agent for listing on the Canada Securities Exchange (CSE) and to follow on the New York U.S. OTCQX market plus on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open Market Segment.

Listing Partners has accepted the assignment to be Advisors and Underwriters to X8 AG in the pre-listing offering of common shares and to syndicate the issue to its underwriting group.

This is an important step forward for X8 AG toward the new stages of business development since it places the company in an exclusive position within the stable coin market segment. As there is no other stable coin project listed on a stock exchange, this move is designed to boost X8 AG’s visibility along with gaining access to capital markets.

The mentioned step works toward presenting capital markets investors with a rare opportunity to invest directly in a stable token development project and ensure their position in the segment of the blockchain and crypto industry that works with a long-term vision.

“The preparation for accessing capital markets and the application for the authorisation  jointly and simultaneously lead X8 AG toward a distinct and unparalleled position on the markets.” Said Gregor Kozelj, the CEO of X8 AG.


About X8 AG

X8 aims to provide global digital cross-market payment solutions that are cost-efficient and reliable. Their work in progress is a value preservation digital currency payment instrument that will challenge the established tokenized payment instruments with the cutting edge fintech of their own.

More information at: X8 AG


About Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd

Antevorta Capital has been successfully assisting small and medium-sized companies in raising funds since 1998. Their experience and know-how lead their clients through every aspect of going public, primarily on the Canadian Stock Exchange, which often results in cross listing opportunities in other international markets.

More information at: Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd


About Listing Partners Sarl

Listing Partners is an international, boutique investment firm operating within the capital markets ecosystem. Their focus is on creating and managing the going public plan for companies by working with top management for successful listing and financing.

More information at: Listing Partners Sarl



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David Prezelj

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