Swiss-based financial technology firm X8 AG and Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (SGT), a British Virgin Islands regulated and licensed Forex brokerage, are pleased to announce their partnership. This relationship encompasses providing currency trading facilities and traditional brokerage services to X8 AG and its client base. The first part of the relationship is the implementation of a low-latency trading environment, that capitalizes on SGT’s established institutional relationships and the opening of 8 accounts in 8 currencies (EUR, USD, JPY, AUD, GBP, CAD, CHF, NZD)

“With this partnership the X8currency project establishes the architecture of accounts that will enable stability for the X8currency even when markets will be unstable”, X8currency’s CEO Gregor Kozelj explains.

“This is a great achievement”, notes Francesca Greco, Director and Co-founder of X8currency, ”as this architecture opens new possibilities for users to stabilize the value of their assets with simple actions. Our clients’ deposits will be diversified across 8 currencies on X8’s accounts with the broker in order to ensure the best possible value preservation effect and protection against individual currency price fluctuations”.

“This is a unique opportunity for our investors to ensure at any moment the best possible value of their investment as our AI based risk portfolio management system ioNectar makes sure that the value of the investment is preserved in the long term” Greco explains.

Greco further adds “The partnership between X8 and SGT opens a new functionality for all blockchain and crypto market participants. Besides delivering the only value preservation and Sharia compliant digital currency in the market, the partnership will also include the cooperation on the asset management side, which can also use the Swiss technology developed by X8 AG”.

“SGT is very pleased to announce the cooperation with X8 project and supports the innovation delivered by X8“, SGT Co-founder and Director Martyn Price, notes.

Price further relates, “We look forward to developing both businesses together in full respect of transparency, accountability, and excellent customer service as hallmarks that define our commitment to our respective clients. “


David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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