We are proud to announce our X-FEED blog has started regular production. During the last 6 months we have tested our idea with several initial pre-production articles.

During the pre-production stage we have tested and optimized the appearance of our blog and strengthened the team of contributors to our blog.

X-FEED is a focused blog, which specializes in publishing advanced financial content in the form of articles, interviews and research.

We have designed the blog so that the X-FEED will serve different types of users ranging from entry level of finance all the way to proficient level. Contributors to our branded blog will publish their works regularly and will cover a wide array of financial topics.



Our assembled a team consists of financial professionals mostly with experience in institutional financial business. Members have covered roles like head of treasury in banks, head of asset management in brokerage houses, owners of licensed financial institutions, financial analysts, enthusiasts, cryptocurrency specialists and others.

The goal of X-FEED is to provide interesting to read, valuable and usable content for different users regardless of their level of engagement into area of finance. We will publish our material with intent to offer relevant content for informed and quality decision making in the financial markets.



Starting as of now we encourage seasoned writers of financial content to join our team of experts, become one of us, benefit from it and further build your career together with our well recognized team.

Readers are invited to regularly visit X-FEED and subscribe to X-FEED news and updates and provide feedback.

Together we will make X-FEED one of the most widely followed financial education and financial news websites.

Gregor Kozelj

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