We are happy to inform all our supporters that X8X tokens have come into existence. The first batch has just appeared in the digital wallets of our pre-sale contributors. The ongoing private fiat pre-sale has produced its first tangible, or, to be more exact, digital result. The X8X token is here.



This event also produced the first group of gatekeepers to the full benefits of the X8 project. These benefits have been designated by our team as: Standby availability for rapid crypto/fiat transitioning, securing a stable currency for TGEs, reducing costs for large transactions and proxy for shorting crypto markets. The above-listed benefits do not exhaust the possible usages of the X8X tokens. More on this will be found in the oncoming X8X whitepaper which will include the roadmap.



At this point we would also like to thank our supporters for the trust and patience they displayed as we painstakingly set off to remake the X8 project into a project marked by regulatory compliance and embedded into the most progressive financial environment of Switzerland. Our team is confident that the circumstances are favourable for our project. Blockchain technologies are gaining traction in the world of traditional finance. Even a senior figure of the US FED has recently spoken about the potential of blockchain in US. The general sentiment about TGEs is creating the upthrust that will launch the X8 project into the foreground of the financial landscape. There is much scepticism not only about the majority of TGEs but also about the ability of the major altcoins to keep growing. The attempts to gain from the current upward momentum like bitcoin futures bring additional risk to the crypto world and make the need for safe and stable options even more pressing.

As we are nearing the time of the X8 TGE, many factors are falling into place for us more and more rapidly. It is not too late to participate in the X8 TGE in more than one way.

David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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