This feature of the X8X token stands as the number one feature due to its relevancy to anyone interested in cryptocurrencies or actively trading on the crypto market. Every crypto contributor finds a readily available smooth transition to cash desirable.

Nevertheless, most are aware of the costs and sometimes time-consuming processes that go with it. If they also want to avoid the risks of the crypto exchange, there are further steps to take, which in certain cases can make moving out from crypto and into cash or vice-versa an entirely impractical task.

The X8X utility token will provide an efficient mechanism for that purpose. Holding X8X tokens gives one the ability to enter or exit the 100% fiat- & gold-backed X8currency faster and more cost efficiently than otherwise.



Why more rapidly? Without X8X tokens, contributors can still buy X8currency on exchanges if it happens to be available, but not without drawbacks. First, the liquidity of X8currency that market participants will be able to find on a crypto exchange will fluctuate. It could happen that on exchanges participants will not find as much liquidity as they want and immediately when they need it. Sometimes it would be required of them to wait to get their order filled for their entire amount.

On the other hand, a contributor registered through X8X KYC will have a direct open channel to our company, X8 Capital AG, and avoid these drawbacks. For example, they will be able to send their ETH via a smart contract directly and receive X8C regardless of the availability and price of X8C on exchanges. This is called the decentralized auto-conversion platform – a part of the X8C smart contract. This reduces the number of elements in the process and will work in both directions by the same principles.



A holder of X8X will always be able to exchange capital in X8C tokens for their full fair value. This is because, with X8X utility tokens, a contributor will benefit from guaranteed buyback of X8C tokens directly by the X8C issuer. It will enable a contributor to avoid scenarios of loss where he or she would receive less than 100% for his or her X8C tokens if they were to be sold on an exchange. Guaranteed X8currency buyback will be available in a direct window with the issuer only.

A contributor will not only be able to avoid crypto exchange commissions and save further costs of transferring fiat around the financial system, but they will be able to take advantage of this more than once if they will hold X8X utility tokens.



For example, a contributor, who bought ETH at low prices, is looking to exit the market after the ETH price rises. Perhaps he does that to lock in all or a portion of the profits. After a while, he can decide to re-enter the crypto market without losing the same ability to repeat this exercise. X8X utility tokens can always be used again in the next cycle. Every time a contributor does this, one saves costs. If somebody uses this functionality many times over a period of time, he or she can save a very substantial amount of costs.

This introduces what we call frictionless fiat/crypto transitioning for any crypto contributor who is looking to use X8currency. Individual contributors will be able to act more freely and will have fewer reasons to hold on to crypto holdings when they start feeling uncertain. There will simply be no extra charge to hold them back and make a protective move after they will secure themselves an entry ticket for it (X8X).



The combined effect of the aforementioned benefits resembles that of a traditional fiat account, which is always close to and highly available to contributors for whenever they may need it. If a contributor wants to have 100.000USD worth of manoeuvring space for his activities, the X8X = √X8C equation explains that a contributor needs 316,22 X8X tokens to be ready to utilize maximum safe haven benefits at any point.

One might object here that a contributor had to purchase X8X as well to obtain this power. True, but a contributor can still decide at any point to sell X8X tokens and collect back their value. It means individual contributors can also prepare themselves in advance for larger safe currency allotments in the future since X8X utility tokens don’t have an expiry date. As a result, the entire concept of the X8X utility token can be summed up under the term “standby availability of the ultimate safety in cryptocurrency markets.”



Contributors don’t want to start searching for a quality exit from their crypto holdings after the going has already got tough. History has shown many times that it can be too late and that it is most prudent to make preparations ahead of time. The X8X token enables contributors to prepare themselves for a negative environment in the best possible way.

Every time one uses X8X one avoids commissions, lack of liquidity on exchanges and fair value distortions when dealing with X8currency (X8C). It also enables these manoeuvres as many times as one wants as long as there are X8X tokens held. This makes the X8X utility token highly desirable as it comes without the need to leave crypto in order to enjoy endless crypto/fiat transitioning possibilities.

Gregor Kozelj

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