It is not necessary to own X8X tokens to obtain X8C or X8D which will be freely tradable on exchanges. But there will be differences between entering into X8C or X8D via X8X tokens and buying it on exchanges. It is only natural to first think about fees when considering the differences. However, fees are only one of the features to keep in mind when considering the benefits of X8X tokens. So, what about the fees?



On the one hand, exchanges always charge a commission for executed transactions. The same will hold true for X8C, X8D at conversion from and into other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, a holder of X8X has access to the X8C and X8D issuer, X8 Capital AG, where X8C and X8D are issued without any fees. One cannot have any dealings with X8 Capital AG unless one holds X8X tokens, as the KYC (Know Your Customer) process will also be tied to the same tokens.

There is also the question of fair value aka intrinsic value. A market participant buying X8C or X8D on an exchange is dependent on the current market forces shaping the price of the token. If he is fortunate, he might even obtain X8C or X8D tokens below their fair value, but the fact is that the market participants will not know this in advance.

When dealing with X8 Capital AG directly, a participant has no uncertainty about this and is guaranteed to get fair value at entrance as well as at exit. This takes the value preservation function of the X8 system to its maximum. So X8X is the gateway to frictionless handling of X8C and X8D.

When speaking of fees, there is another matter to observe. If exchanges do not offer the option to exit into fiat from X8C or X8D, an individual will have to first switch to tokens that have this window available. This can also be bypassed by holding X8X tokens.



The issue of liquidity is also inevitably tied to the above-mentioned presentation. It is worth noting that, at least at the beginning, the liquidity of X8C and X8D on crypto exchanges will only be able to come from sources who bought it as primary new issuance. Not all of the liquidity is concentrated on a single exchange either.

Let’s suppose that you put an order on an exchange to buy 20% of all bitcoins available today. You would not be able to make this purchase as this very act would likely drive the price up and you would only be able to obtain fewer coins for the same amount of money. On smaller and less liquid exchanges the difference is bigger regardless of which currency one looks at.

With X8X tokens the user does not have to deal with such challenges. He can obtain or sell X8C or X8D tokens exactly at full fair value regardless of the local exchange environment. As every X8C or X8D token comes into existence 100% asset-backed, liquidity is available promptly to the full extent. This narrows the Bid/Ask spread to a minimum and means there is no additional impact on the price when exiting either. It is this feature that makes X8currency (X8C) hyper-liquid and suitable for large volume transactions.



The difference between buying X8C or X8D on an exchange or via X8X tokens lies not only in the difference in transaction costs. It is about the maximum certainty that holders can receive exact fair value pricing and that there is maximum availability of liquidity regardless of the local exchange size.

X8C and X8D will be unique tokens because of the X8X golden gateway. X8X gives you the frictionless option to enter the market, which no other cryptocurrency offers.

David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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