To be able to participate in the TGE, you must first successfully conduct a KYC procedure. The last day for conducting the KYC is January 22 (if the hard cap is reached before that, the whitelisting option will be closed earlier)


KYC guidelines

Upon completion of Whitelist registration you should log out and then log in again to the website to access the next stage.

o    When entering the website of the KYC provider the text may not be in English.

o  Find the language flags on the top right corner of the website and switch it to English language or your preferred language.

o   When uploading FORM A and FORM 1A, please include all 3 pages. Use the example to check that you have filled out all of the fields (like the PURPOSE OF BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP field).

o    Do not upload scanned passports at this point unless you are proving your accredited investor or professional investor status.

o    Accredited investors or professional investors need to add their proof of license, proof of net worth and proof of active trading history together with FORM A and FORM 1A at this point.

o    If FORM A and FORM 1A are not filled in properly, the AML part of the KYC/AML will remain pending and you will be required to resubmit FORM A and FORM 1A. However if you pass the video call part of the KYC and obtain verified status, you may contribute in the TGE. We will contact you about the incomplete forms later. But you will not receive your X8X tokens to your wallet until the properly filled-out forms have been received.

o    After successfully uploading the FORM A and FORM 1A documents the process continues and takes you to the KYC provider website, where you will enter video identification.

o   You must continue and complete video identification for your KYC to be verified.

o   When you go through the video identification and when the identification is nearing its completion you will receive an SMS with TAN code on your mobile phone.

o  You should enter the SMS code into the field shown in the Step 2 on the KYC providers page.

o  As soon as your SMS code is properly submitted you have completed the process and your KYC will show status verified.


The timeline of the TGE is as follows:

1. Limited Whitelist phase: starts on January 5th at 14.00 CET and ends on January 13th at 12.00 CET
2. Unlimited Whitelist phase: starts on January 13th at 14.00 CET and ends on January 15th at 14.00 CET
3. Crowdsale: starts on January 15th at 16.00 CET and ends on January 24th at 16.00 CET

The Limited Whitelist Phase will be open for everyone that will contribute untill its conclusion. Everyone will have an equal opportunity to participate and will not be rejected. If the hardcap is reached before the end of this phase further contributions will still be accepted. In this case contributions will be averaged but maintain the same contribution ratio.


Some important things to be aware of when contributing in the TGE:

1. The individual minimum contribution limit is 0.2 ETH or 0.01 BTC
2. The individual maximum contribution limit is 10 ETH or 0.5 BTC
3. Be sure to provide a personal wallet address that supports ERC-20 tokens (like MyEtherWallet). In no case should you state the address of your exchange wallet.

The TGE price of the X8X token is 0,1€. The ratio of ETH and BTC lock to Euro will be fixed at the end of the Limited Whitelist phase based on the average of that period.

How to contribute?

1. Go to the Login area of our website –
2. Log in
3. Proceed to the contribute page (only shows if you are verified)
4. Follow the instructions shown on the page.

If you have any questions regarding the contribution procedure, contact us on Telegram or via

David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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