Frequently asked questions

What is X8 Project and what are its products?

X8 Project offers a line of products based on the proprietary software ARM AI. Besides providing stable digital currencies X8C and X8D, X8 Project also offers various types of asset management and the use of a customizable trading platform.  

What is X8C?

X8C is a stable digital currency. It is the ultimate means of value preservation. It is 100% backed by cash and gold. Its basket includes USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, EUR, CAD, CHF, NZD and gold coins. Our proprietary AI continuously trades between the currency pairs to preserve value and fight inflation. It is hyper liquid and convertible into any one of the said currencies. 


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What is X8D?

X8Dollar (X8D) is a stable digital currency designed for USD markets. It is 100% backed by USD deposits and stable through diversification of USD exchange risk. With strong liquidity of USD it also shares its advantages when USD trends globally higher. It is operated by X8’s proprietary AI.

What are X8C and X8D use cases?

Among others, three use cases are most prominent:

Firstly, X8C and X8D can be used for long-term store of value, either to avoid unstable crypto markets or for hedging investment portfolio. Due to high convertibility and 100% backing, converting to X8C is a suitable alternative strategy to converting crypto assets to fiat and withdrawing assets from the exchange. In case of a rally on exchanges, crypto investors can easily run away from the bubble and move to more stable fiat. Users can withdraw X8C and X8D to redeem fiat currency directly from the issuer.

Secondly, they are also ideal for raising funding capital in IPOs/ICOs/STOs, as teams can easily plan the distribution of collected investment and costs due to X8C and X8D value stability.

Thirdly, X8C and X8D are ideal for fixing salary value between employer and employee. Deciding to pay salaries in a cryptocurrency may bring many benefits, but due to high volatility during a month, this sometimes leaves a grim face on one of the sides. With determining a salary in X8C, value paid and received will remain almost in line with inflation (usually 1-2% better).

Last but not least, the case for merchants using X8C and X8D in their business operation is that merchants want to earn a safe and stable margin on the products or services they sell. If it is a store with many different products for example, a merchant would need to update prices of those items regularly if he or she accepts payments in a highly volatile currency. With X8Currency merchants do not need to worry about this any more. Because of the very high level of stability of X8Currency, merchants can focus on their core activity and competitiveness and set their margins with much more clarity about their net earnings.

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What is X8X?

X8X is a licence granting access to the entire spectrum of X8C and X8D benefits. Holders are also entitled a to discount with X8 AG’s services. X8X is a permanent licence. It can be bought or sold at anytime. It is based on blockchain for maximum transparency and security. 

What are X8X use cases?

X8X is related to a series of X8 AG’s product as a licence providing benefits to our clients.

1) X8X enables zero fee entry and exit from X8D and X8C at the issuer X8 AG.

2) X8X licence provides 33% fee reduction for X8 AG’s asset management programmes.

3) X8X licence provides 50% fee reduction of ioNectar platform trading packages.

4) X8X licence provides 50% fee reduction of all-inclusive X8 AG’s fintech packages.

5) X8X licence provides 50% fee reduction to the access of X8 AG’s online content.

For additional information on X8 AG products, visit us at

We have also identified four additional use cases for X8X:

Standby availability for rapid crypto/fiat transitioning

Securing stable currency function for TGEs

Reducing costs for large scale transaction activity

Proxy for shorting the crypto market

What is ARM?

ARM or Automatic Reserve Management is in its essence a set of sophisticated algorithms (one could say AI) that automatically sell X when its price is high and buy Y when its price is low. The main parameter for decision making is evaluating the prices of X via the cost of transaction, volatility and overall competitiveness of the opportunity from perspectives of risk and reward.

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What input parameters are the algorithms looking at?

It is all about currencies, their exchange rates and vacillation speed.

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Is this scalping?

No, ARM AI is present on the market all the time, continuously buying and selling currencies. It does not wait for speculation opportunities to search for profit.

Can the value managed by ARM AI drop in short term? For how long?

Another 9/11, Brexit, world recession … X8 is the best safe haven even in black swan scenarios.

Nevertheless, even holdings placed in X8 project can suffer losses in the worst case scenarios. But, as our track record has shown, the downturn in the value of assets even during worst case scenario is not bigger that 5 percent. Black swan scenarios can happen and temporarily push the value of the holdings lower, yet the system showed the performance can recover relatively quickly and that even the most difficult environment in the market does not hold the performance back for more than a few months.

What happens in the black swan scenario?

In that case the gold has protection, although the currencies can drop, but it is unlikely that all of them drop at the same time and that all the currency pairs fall at once, which makes buying and selling still possible. Thus, ARM AI is resilient even during severe market downturns.

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What are the X8C highlights?

It’s a stable, liquid, 100% convertible and highly safe store of value with bigger interest rates than any other single currency. (Interest rates are tax exempt). It actively fights inflation, needs no new buyers to appreciate and is present 24/7 on the markets without human interference. 

What is the difference between X8C and Bitcoin?

X8C is 100% asset-backed. Your holdings are diversified in different currencies managed by the Automatic Reserve Management technology. X8C does not need new buyers for appreciation.  Its liquidity is comparable to those of major currencies. It is stable and retains value.

Comparison X8C vs. financial instruments

1. X8C vs government bonds

Bonds are based on a single country – single currency, therefore they are riskier.

Government bonds were considered for a long time to be one of the best opportunities for a secure investment. But, as events of the recent years have shown, even countries that were once considered safe haven for the investors can crumble down. Bonds are fully dependent on the economy of the country that issues them. Therefore investors in the time of economical crisis can lose a big chunk of their assets in bonds.

On the other hand, while the economy of one country is in decline the X8Currency works through the trend by automatically redistributing assets in the markets that won’t experience the same fate.

2. X8C vs stock market

Stock markets are speculative. X8 has a higher stability and liquidity than shares traded on stock markets.

Stock markets are recording historically high values. But, as government bonds, their stability is very strongly correlated with the health of a an economy. Therefore when the economic collapse starts the investors have little time to save their assets. When markets start crashing the first victim is the liquidity because most investors start running in other stores of value, like gold and currencies.

Again, while the economy of one country is struggling the X8 project is able to cushion negative effects by the workings of ARM AI and the continuous systematic diversification and reallocation of capital between the markets.

3. X8C vs bank deposit

Even the best long term bank deposits for citizens offer 1% per annum interest. Usually a saver cannot withdraw their assets during the deposit period or he/she lose most of the interest. X8C holders can convert tokens into fiat at any time. 

Why is X8C better than bank deposit?

Because of the better protection of your purchasing power by multiple currencies. The money cannot be withdrawn at any time, like it is the case with X8C.

Why is X8C better than bonds?

Bonds are based on a single country – single currency, therefore they are riskier and tied to the monetary policy of the issuer.

Why is X8C better than ETF?

ETFs are more exposed to risk, especially if leveraged. X8C offers market outcome independence.

Why is X8C better than shares?

Shares are speculative. X8C has a higher stability and higher liquidity than shares.

Do X8C and X8D function as hedge against inflation?

Yes. ARM fights inflation most efficiently.

What is considered as competition to X8C and X8D?

Nothing of  the same kind exists at the moment. Bank deposits where money can be withdrawn at will come closest. Also, no stable token implements a dynamic basket approach of X8’s currencies. 

What happens if one currency out of nine drops down?

The value of the account drops by 5,025%.

What happens if two currencies out of nine experience a plunge?

The value of the account drops by 12,5%.

What happens if all 8 currencies plunge at once?

The value of the account drops by 40%.

What happens in case of Brexit?

Due to strong dispersion the value does not swing more than a couple percent.

Why Switzerland?

We are bringing security to traditional finance and crypto world by utilizing the advantages of the Swiss financial ecosystem.
The X8 project will store its holdings in one of the biggest Swiss banks, secure them at one of the biggest reinsurance companies in the world and put a part of the holdings into physical gold reserves. These will also be stored in Switzerland.

We call the idea the triple redundant security. X8 AG, a company in Switzerland performs all the operations of currency reserves management behind the X8 project. All in all, the total package will allow our clients to fully utilize the benefits of the globally acknowledged Swiss financial ecosystem.

What is ioNectar?

ioNectar is an automated professional portfolio risk management platform that is available to more demanding clients as it enables customization of AI management parameters. ioNectar has been in development for more than 10 years and has a proven record of successfully managing assets even in the cases like Brexit.

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How is ioNectar structured?

It is based on the 8 major currencies and backed by several banks to prevent collapse in case of failure of any one of the banks.

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What are the past results of ioNectar?

X8 project is bringing a proven technology in the financial world. We have been testing the performance of ioNectar since 2015. Tracked and confirmed record shows, that ioNectar platform performs with 2% increase in value. The results can be seen in the chart below:

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Who are our clients?

ioNectar has been on the market for some years now and we have many satisfied clients from the traditional business: funds, hedge funds, portfolio managers, brokers, banks, HNWIs, corporations, big data analysts, CTAs and fintech enthusiasts. We offer them a wide variety of services from risk management to automated trading.


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