X8Currency Symbol

X8Currency symbol represents our digital utility token X8X. In this context, the symbol must always be displayed unaltered and alone.

X8Currency Logo

X8Currency logo represents X8Currency project as a whole. It must always be left as is with X8Currency symbol on the left and either a white or black text to the right. You can use a white negative of the Logo if its visibility would be hindered by a colored background.

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The correct way to write our company/product names:


ARM AI – Automatic Reserve Management Artificial Intelligence is the computer program in the background of ioNectar and X8C.

X8Currency – Our digital value preservation currency and the name of the project as a whole.

X8X – Short name (ticker) of our Utility token. Used to access our platforms services.

X8C – Short name (ticker) of our Digital value preservation currency.