The X8 team is happy to announce that today an important element needed for the optimal functioning of the X8C infrastructure is complete. A corporate account at Bitstamp exchange is open. Together with the account at Bitcoin Suisse, these two will enable a greater degree of diversification and increased liquidity of the fiat/crypto gate of the X8’s Decentralized Auto Conversion Platform. In short, it is due to this structure that clients will be able to send Ethereum or Bitcoin directly through the X8 platform and receive X8C tokens and vice versa.

The first exchange of the boarding documentation and FIX connectivity has already begun. As this structure must be tested thoroughly, it will take some time, but with our developers’ experience with financial trading platforms and inter-bank connectivity we expect the process to be completed in line with our goals.

Because Bitstamp offers FIX protocol connectivity to B2B users and is a regulated exchange, it is the ideal choice for the X8 project whose ARM AI also uses the same protocol. We will follow B2B accounts features at other exchanges closely with the aim to further diversification in the future.

David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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