Bancor has added our X8X utility token to their exchange, which means that as of 7th March 2018 the X8X token is listed and available for trading on the Bancor network.

Bancor stands out as an exchange with a different kind of philosophy. This attracted our attention since there is a similarity to the X8 project. Both projects have devised a way to exclude the human factor from their respective platform operations.  Just like there is an ARM AI engaged in continuous value preserving activities at the X8 project, there is an algorithmic provision of liquidity on the Bancor exchange. After the initial scepticism on the side of observers and the relatively quiet period by the team, Bancor is now emerging as a project that delivers and is growing exponentially in volume. New tokens are also being added at an accelerating pace. Their concept has been proven and now the crypto connoisseurs are talking about them.

This development mirrors the way the X8 project is anticipated to progress– after the initial quiet a game-changer suddenly emerges to shrug off all doubts about the viability of the project. Bancor requires that a certain amount of the token about to be listed is sent to them. In the case of X8X, this amount is subtracted from the 27 million tokens set aside for the institutional reserve.

Bancor is a train that might go very far and we want to be on it early. We are looking forward to a ride that brings together two concepts of automation to crypto finance. Bancor protocol provides liquidity and balancing of buy and sell volumes, while X8 protocol provides not only stability but also fights inflation to preserve value.

For further information about buying X8X on Bancor please click here.

David Prezelj
David Prezelj

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