In the first part of the article the focus was on challenging the “zero-sum” view, which is a strong stream in global financial markets. The second part develops through some of the unique benefits, monetary advancements and social traits of ioNectar’s ARM AI, which is applied on X8 currency.



The technology, developed by ioNectar, focuses on stability and sustainability of financial effects. It initializes action as a constructive participator in the process of general wealth creation. Even though this AI system is a true frequency system it is totally friendly towards the market. It is not harmful and actually is beneficial to how markets can develop since it works from the sweet spot where interests of all market participants are balanced. This is totally unique and perhaps it is the solution for the future world of finance.

Why is this important? Banks and brokers don’t want what they call toxic flow. They also don’t want aggressive scalping. Such market engagement profiles don’t leave them with anything to work with and exposes them to execution risk, where they can lose money when a speculator is winning. The client’s wins were not necessarily “deserved” in a sense.

Optimally, banks and brokers want to earn at the same time together with their clients. At the same time they don’t want to press their counterparties, other banks and brokers, into losing money either when they all operate side by side in the global system. It is not good for their business. Banks and brokers like to see everybody in the value chain gaining new additional share. Simply more volume and more profits is just not the answer even for financial giants.

The trading flow our technology creates let’s financial intermediaries, clients and general market environment create value together in a balanced manner.



A system, which will be able to solve these issues, will have to be sufficiently scalable in order to be applicable on a global level. It is a question about the economic size any principle can support naturally. If the principle can work, but can only work with small size of assets under management for example, then it does not qualify. This is the biggest problem scalpers and arbitrary investment approaches face together with their brokers.

For example, a speculator can go in and out of the market quickly with 1 million USD trade and perhaps make some profits. The same thing can work at 10 or even at 50 million USD of assets under management, yet when AUM increases beyond a certain threshold, the market cannot accept fruitless speculative behavior without some impact and nervousness in the price action. After and beyond the market liquidity wall, which is the level of available sustainable liquidity, every such bigger trade action backfires.

Our professional risk portfolio management AI transforms this problem into what just perhaps is one of the biggest benefits that our technology can offer to our clients and to the world. It is called ARM – Automatic Reserve Management AI.

The technology enables the entry into the unified field and exit from it in trade sizes that are significantly larger than what is possible with any other approach. The system enables higher levels of liquidity than observable in individual major currencies. ARM AI technology incorporates all these benefits and is applied on a standardized currency product model. We named this currency the X8 currency.



Another result of ARM application on X8 currency is that large transaction size capability of X8 currency further promotes stability and through it safety. This is because large transactions can be supported without inducing undesirable nervousness in price action. This is achieved through a combination of systematic diversification and techniques described in the technology whitepaper of the X8 currency, which is operated by ioNectar’s ARM AI.

X8 currency is a safe and stable currency. Nevertheless, generally a solution, which provides stability, does not necessarily preserve wealth. This is where our AI adds the third unique benefit. It is able to fight inflation and through this it actually preserves wealth through time. X8 currency achieves stability by creating 100% cash backed structure, while it preserves wealth by automatic reserve management ARM. ARM generates a small to moderate yield when operating the reserves. Because of this solution the inflation does not wash away your investment’s purchasing power over time. X8 currency is a modern store of value.



Now and in the future financial trading will gain a new perspective. Automatic trading tendency and trends will mature. ioNectar trading platform sets a new standard in terms of how much effort and time a professional financial worker or financial expert must invest into keeping pace with the market. The platform and the technology incorporated in the platform together unify all the aspects of the market and create a common denominator for investments, leaving out the process of predictions and scenario contemplations.

In recent era trading has been a lot about entertainment, thrill and gameplay. The industry repositioned its own marketing messaging toward these values because of the deep associations with chance and unpredictability it gained. As a result the communication trend has been moving away from the aspect of growth and enrichment more and more toward softer definitions of satisfaction the industry is able to offer to the end client.

ioNectar, ARM AI technology and X8 currency are an example how now trading is moving toward a standardized service, which establishes a direct link between the rewards for the investor and the measurable constructive financial work performed by the same investor. This view moves away from the before mentioned soft aspects back to primary values. Everyone, who will have performed and completed some financial work, will be able to obtain reward from it. This service will treat each participant in the market equally based on this factor.



The technology black box solution driving X8 currency is one of the best if not the best approach to tackle the single largest economic problem in the world – inflation. Inflation eats more wealth away from savers each year, year after year, decade after decade, than any other economic problem.

The inflation fighting capability lifts the benefit of stability to a higher long term safety level, while large transaction capacity translates these foundations into practically applicable and scalable concept. Last but not least, this technology does not rely on arbitrary decision making associated with human factor. It’s a scientific solution, which draws power from the laws of physics and establishes a direct link between financial work performed and the resulting rewards.


Gregor Kozelj

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