How ARM innovation pushes boundaries in development of finance is the main focus of this article. In this era of financial business a lot of words are written about different algorithmic theories and different types of black boxes in the market, creating the market, trading in the market or somehow else being part of the total financial flow. Trend of further development of automated financial solutions is still strong even though it has been around for decades now. The point of these developments is to free up time, energy and efforts required in investment activities. Another point of various technologies is the removal of human factor from the entire or at least a large portion of the financial decision making processes. Blockchain area or the crypto world is no different and in fact will take this trend further.

The question is whether the different algorithmic systems work and if they can be applied sustainably in real financial market environment as a global service for the benefit of all the different sides taking part in the financial process. In this respect we believe we did one of the most original, fundamental and practical research in the whole financial community space and we delivered a unique and effective solution to certain important problems in finance.



It all comes back to the point if anything systematic can actually create predictable benefit out from the universally unpredictable environment, which financial markets also obviously represent. Closely linked to this is the persisting worldwide view that financial markets are a zero sum game and therefore the assumption is that no real additional net value added can be created.

We believe the “zero-sum” view is incorrect. Though it is understandable how and why it became so strong, there’s a lot of evidence the “zero-sum” view is missing an important part. Research led us to conclusion that while unpredictability is ever present, there is also an anti-symmetric part of financial reality, which is semi-predictable and therefore it can be worked with. Furthermore, the results of financial market actions become certain in a positive way, but only if and when certain constructive approach is taken during the entire engagement with the market. This includes the observation part. Our team created a scientific AI system to go and check what the real answer in the real market is.



For example, if the action in the market does not take into account the effects it will have on every participant in the market, then it is impossible to create a sustainable win-win scenario. The source for this can be found in the unrelated motives of individual participants about how they will earn more money or create more wealth through their investing activity.

99,99% of market participants don’t evaluate the integral perspective of the total market and they just want the profit from buying low and selling high regardless of how their behavior affects the general environment. The result from this is not constructive and creates continuous tensions in the market price structure, which leads to the perception of the market being a zero sum game.



How can this change? Imagine that some participants in the market do take into consideration how you and others will be able to fair in the market. They are active in the market like anybody else is, yet these participants offer a fair and constructive market engagement and a fair value distribution between you and them when both of the two counterparties meet in the market.

We tested this approach and during this test we observed Newton’s third law of motion in work along with other findings. Constructive action, like any other action, will yield an equal force in the opposite direction to the original impulse. In other words, market feedback will be beneficial if the constructive force is applied in the market through principles of integral calculus. This is a law of physics and is among a few laws that have been confirmed by our AI technology in the unified financial field.



From these findings we developed a commercial product, ioNectar platform. We designed it in the recognizable format of a trading platform, so that the traditional financial operator will feel comfortable in a known environment. On top of all this included, the platform adds important new functionality unavailable anywhere else in any other trading platform. It focuses on professional portfolio risk management, which the platform integrates as financial axioms or laws into an original, ergonomic and monolithic trading interface in the ioNectar platform product.

Through gaining the understanding about market price scales we managed to construct an automatic system, which helps to preserve price stability in the market for every market participant. It can also adapt to different investment styles, duration conditions and investment goals of different investors without compromise. The platform provides answers to conservatives, active investors and even to enthusiasts.

Despite the positive effects it creates, the system it is not predatory. Through unification of Newton’s principles, relativity and quantum theory into one universal or unified field financial theory this system offers an alternative view about how new value is fundamentally created, not just redistributed. It creates a flow of exchange, which is sometimes in finance referred to as friendly flow…


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Gregor Kozelj

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